The Challenge

Cater Care Services (CCS) is a national remote camp facilities management provider. CCS identified a need in their business to improve their coffee supply chain for remote camps in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. They also identified that this would be a good opportunity for a local Aboriginal business a part of increasing Aboriginal supplier diversity within the CCS supply chain.

The Solution

CCS approached Our Country to explore the opportunity of identifying and developing a local Aboriginal business that could service CCS coffee needs in the Pilbara. Our Country research determined that there was no Aboriginal company with existing capability in coffee within the Pilbara region or Western Australia. The project then focused on a start up opportunity in order to create this capability within a Pilbara Aboriginal business. Our Country brought network partner and business advisory RSM into the project to assist with business incubation and development.

Ezekiel Kwaymullina, a Palyku Traditional Owner decided to take on the opportunity and founded Ngurra Coffee, the first West Australian Aboriginal coffee company and became the Chief Executive Officer. Our Country and RSM worked with Mr Kwaymullina to build the required business systems and process to become a coffee supplier and within three months Ngurra Coffee was supplying roasted coffee beans and coffee machines to CCS in the Pilbara.

Our Country and RSM continued its incubation and development role over the next 18 months, assisting Mr Kwaymullina with business development, sales, business processes, marketing and strategy. Over 18 months Ngurra Coffee expanded its client list and services as the business experienced positive growth.

In 2016 in order to meet the rapidly expanding volume and needs of its clients Ngurra Coffee formed a joint venture with Café Corporate to create a new brand called Australian Indigenous Coffee (AIC).

AIC is now the one of the largest coffee suppliers in WA to remote mining camps supplying Coffee to sites owned by Rio Tinto, BHP, FMG, Atlas Iron and Milenium Mining.

Mr Kwaymullina continues to lead and oversee the operations of AIC / Ngurra Coffee as the CEO.

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