Biological &
Species Management

Aboriginal Land Services have conducted biological and ecological surveys and programs across most biographical regions of Western Australia. Whether it’s a baseline environmental assessment or the development of a species management plan, we can assist you in meeting your regulatory requirements. Our expertise includes:

  • Biological surveys (EPA level 1 and 2) for environmental impact assessment.
  • Targeted (threatened) flora and fauna species surveys.
  • Short Range Endemic (SRE) surveys, including subterranean fauna.
  • Significant Species Management Plans.
  • Flora and fauna species population monitoring.
  • Feral animal management plans and programs.
  • Introduced flora (weed) management plans and programs.

Environmental Compliance
& Audit

Our experienced and qualified environmental auditors will work with you to identify compliance issues and ensure the effectiveness of your practices and procedures in meeting regulatory requirements. Our expertise includes:

  • In-house Environmental Compliance Assessments.
  • External (Third Party) Environmental Compliance Audits.
  • Prescribed Premises (EP Act Part V) Works Approval applications and scoping.
  • Environmental license reviews and appeals.

Land &
Environmental Management

Our experienced staff can develop and assist with the implementation of Environmental Management Plans and operational procedures that meet the unique needs of your project. Our expertise includes:

  • Environmental and Rehabilitation Management Plans (for lands including mine sites, conservation estate, local bushland reserves, private land and Traditional Owner managed lands).
  • Mine site rehabilitation and closure activities and monitoring.
  • Ground and surface water sampling and monitoring
  • Provenance seed bank establishment and collection.
  • Ethno-botanical mapping aimed at recording traditional ecological knowledge of local native flora and fauna.
  • Community conservation management and engagement programs for recovery of species and lands.


Aboriginal Land Services works delivers a Certificate III in Indigenous Land Management (AHC31516) to support Aboriginal ranger programs and Aboriginal people interested in a career in land management and environmental services.


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