Guiding Story
and Principles

Aboriginal Land Services is an Emu Nest Initiative. We operate under the Guiding Story and Principles Framework of Emu Nest which is grounded in Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing. Each Emu Nest initiative also has its own story that forms part of the greater web of value we create in the world.


The centre circle represents Aboriginal Land Services. The other circles are the proud voices of Aboriginal people, speaking for culture and Country. These voices are an integral part of our heritage and environment journey.

We believe in supporting Aboriginal strength and challenging the barriers that have excluded Aboriginal people from participating in the heritage and environmental industry.

We work in equitable partnerships with Traditional Owners, including offering training on a no-cost basis to equip Traditional Owners with the formal qualifications needed to work across the heritage or environmental sectors.

The colours that radiate out across the painting represent the possibilities for brighter futures that emerge from real partnerships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.


Aboriginal Land Services is a sustainable development advisory that specialises in Land Management and Aboriginal Cultural Heritage. Our purpose is to help meet the environmental and cultural heritage needs of today, without compromising those of tomorrow. We achieve our purpose by working with our customers and communities on the workability, certainty, risk, cost, protection and management of the environment and cultural heritage.

We are a majority Aboriginal owned and led social enterprise and 50% of our profits are reinvested into training and developing Aboriginal people in heritage and environmental management.



We specialise in environmental and Aboriginal cultural heritage approvals for large, complex infrastructure projects and we are familiar with the scoping, budgets, timelines and critical pathways required. We adopt a project management methodology to ensure projects come in on time and on budget.


We operate nationally and have expertise in the legislative requirements across different State and Federal jurisdictions. We have a large multidisciplinary team of environmental consultants, archeologists, anthropologists, GIS experts and Aboriginal Heritage Officers to meet different project demands and can mobilise a large workforce to meet project timeframes. This allows our customers to have a single source supplier for all land management and cultural heritage requirements.


We adopt an ‘Always Safe’ approach to all of our projects. Our staff are well versed in the safety requirements in challenging environments due to our extensive experience in remote fieldwork programs for mining and exploration resources. Our portfolio of urban projects has given us experience working alongside heavy machinery, busy infrastructure routes and in public spaces, without compromise to safety.


We have conducted environmental and cultural heritage assessment and programs in some of the most remote locations in Australia. Our team is well versed in the safety, logistics, navigation and planning requirements for remote area work.


We are a majority owned Aboriginal company that operates as a social enterprise and as such, we are committed to re-investing in professional development and training of Aboriginal people, in addition to supporting community capacity development initiatives.

Credit: Guiding story and guiding principle written and painted by Palyku artist and writer Ambelin Kwaymullina

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